29-31 October 1975


Naval Electronics Laboratory Center

San Diego, CA




I.                      IR APPLICATIONS


PAPER  I         lnSb MIS Technology and CID Devices

J. C. Kim


PAPER  II        Extrinsic Silicon Monolithic Focal Plane Array Technology  and Applications

K. Nummedal, J. C. Fraser, S. C. Su, R. Baron, and R. M. Finnila


PAPER  III      InSb CCDs and Other MIS Devices for Infrared Applications

R. D. Thom, R. E. Eck, J.D. Phillips, and J. B. Scorso


PAPER  IV      A CCD Multiplexer With Forty AC Coupled Inputs

S. P. Emmons, T. F. Cheek, Jr., J. T. Hall, P. W. Van Alta, and R. Balcerak


PAPER V        Integrated CCD-Bipolar Structure for Focal Plane Processing of IR Signals .

W. Grant, R. Balcerak, P. Van Alta, and J. T. Hall


PAPER VI       Infrared Imaging With Monolithic, CCD-Addressed Schottky-Barrier Detector Arrays: Theoretical and Experimental Results

E. S. Kohn, S. A. Roosild, F. D. Shepherd, Jr., and A. C. Yang


PAPER VII      Series-Parallel Scan IR CID Focal Plane Array Concept

A. F. Milton and M. Hess


PAPER VIII     Injection Efficiency in Hybrid IR CCD's

A. J. Steckl




PAPER I          CID Imaging - Present Status and Opportunities

G. J. Michon, H. K. Burke, D. M. Brown, and M. Ghezzo


PAPER II         A High Performance 190x244CCDArea Image Sensor Array

W. Steffe, L. Walsh, and C. K. Kim


PAPER  III      Low Light Level Performance of CCD Image Sensors

D. D. Wen


PAPER IV       Parametric System Analysis in Charge Coupled Device Imaging Applications    

R. Wight


PAPER V        Performance Analysis of EBS-CCD Imaging Tubes/Status of ICCD Development

J. B. Barton, J. J. Cuny, and D. R. Collins


PAPER VI       Development of a 400 x 400 Element, Backside Illuminated CCD Imager

G. A Antcliffe, L. J. Hornbeck, W. C. Rhines, W. W. Chan, J. W. Walker, and D. R. Collins


PAPER VII      An Intensified Charge Coupled Device for Extremely Low Light Level Operation

D. G. Currie


PAPER VIII     CCD Dynamically Focussed Lenses for Ultrasoniclmaging Systems

R. D. Melen, J. D. Shott, J. T. Walker, and J.D. Meindl


PAPER IX       CCD-1V Cameras Utilizing Interline-Transfer Area Image Sensors

K. A Hoagland and H. L. Balopole


PAPER X        Diverse Electronic Imaging Applications for CCD Line Image Sensors

J. Hunt and H. Sadowski




PAPER I          Charge Coupled Device (CCD) Analog Signal Processing

M. H. White and D. R. Lampe


PAPER II         Applying the Concept of a Digital Charge Coupled Device Arithmetic

C. S. Miller and T. A Zimmerman


PAPER III       Signal Processing Capabilities of a 100 x 100 CCD Array

S. P. Buchanan and R. R. Clark


PAPER IV       The Use of Charge Coupled Devices in Electrooptical Processing

M. A Monahan, R. P. Boeker, K. Bromley, A C. H. Louie, R. D. Martin, and R. G. Shepard


PAPER V        Analogue Correlators Using Charge Coupled Devices

J. G. Harp, G. F. Vanstone, D. J. MacLennan, and J. Mavor


PAPER VI       Discrete-Time Analog Signal Processing Devices Employing a Parallel Architecture

R. R. Buss and G. P. Weckler


PAPER VII      Multiple Filter Characteristics Using a Single CCD Structure

A A Ibrahim, G. J. Hupe, and L. P. Sellars


PAPER VIII     Applications of a CCD Low-Pass Transversal Filter

R. D. Baertsch and J. J. Tiemann


PAPER IX       Sampled Analog CCD Recursive Comb Filters

T. F. Tao, V. Iamsaad, S. Holmes, B. Freund, L Saetre, and T. A Zimmerman




PAPER I          Comparison Between the CCD CZT and the Digital FIT

D. D. Buss, R. L. Veenkant, R. W. Brodersen, and C. R. Hewes


PAPER II         Radar Video Processing Using the CCD Chirp Z Transforrn

W. H. Bailey, D. D. Buss, L. R. Hite, and M. W. Whatley


PAPER III       Linearisation ofthe Charge Coupled Device Transfer Function

D. J. MacLennan and J. Mavor


PAPER IV       CCD-SAW Processorfor Pulse Doppler Radar Signals

J. B. G. Roberts, R. Eames, and R. F. Simons


PAPER V        CCD Applications to Synthetic Aperture Radar

W. Bailey, W. Eversole, J. Holmes, W. Arens, W. Hoover, J. McGehee, and R. Ridings


PAPER VI       A Self Contained 800 Stage CCD Transversal Filter

C.R. Hewes


PAPER VII      A Swept Delay Correlator

J. B. G. Roberts and R. Eames


PAPER VIII     A Time Domain Analysis of Video Integrators

A Chowaniec and G. S. Hobson




PAPER I          The Measurement of Noise in Buried Channel Charge Coupled Devices

R. W. Brodersen and S. P. Emmons


PAPER II         Noise Linearity and Trapped  Charge Measurements with Charge Sensitive Amplifiers

K Kandiah


PAPER III       Anti-Aliasing Characteristics ofthe Floating Diffusion Input

S. P. Emmons, D. D. Buss, R. W. Brodersen, and C. R. Hewes


PAPER IV       Limitations of a Threshold-Insensitive CCD Input Technique in a Total Dose Radiation Environment

J. M. Killiany and W. D. Baker


PAPERV         Radiation Hardness of Surface and Buried Channel CCDs

G. A Hartsell


PAPER VI       Low Temperature Silicon CCD Operation

A J. Steck


PAPER VII      Extremely High Speed CCD Analog Delay Line

Y. T. Chan, B. T. French, and P. E. Green


PAPER VIII     High Speed Operation of CCD's

D. A Gradl, R. A Groenwald, and T. J. Flanagan


V.                    MEMORY APPLICATIONS


PAPER I          A CCD Memory for Radar Signal Processing

R. A Belt


PAPER II         A 16 Kilobit High Density CCD Memory

S.D. Rosenbaum, J. T. Caves, S. Poon, and C. H. Chan


PAPER III       A Fast Access Bulk Memory System Using CCD's -A Recorder Buffer Memory Using CCD's

K. Siemens, C. R. Robinson, and J. Mastronardi


PAPER IV       Cost Performance Aspects of CCD Fast Auxiliary Memory

D.P. Bhandarkar


PAPER V        A CCD-Based Transient Data Recorder

T. E. Linnenbrink, M. J. Monahan, and J. L. Rea