SESSION 1 - Introduction and Theory

REVIEW PAPER Basic Operation of the Charge Coupled Device

D. J. Burt

A Comparison of CCD Analog Input Circuit Characteristics

H. Wallinga

A Two-Dimensional Dynamic Particle Model of the CCD Transport Process

W. Fawcett, G.F. Vanstone

Charge Transfer Analysis in Two-Phase Step Oxide Charge Coupled Device

C.H. Chan, S.G. Chamberlain

Numerical and Analytical Study of CCD Operation

Y. Daimon, A.M. Mohsen, T.C. McGill

Influence of Clocking Waveform on Charge Transfer in Three-Phase CCDs

M.P. Singh, S.D. Brotherton, P.C.T. Roberts, D.R. Lamb

REVIEW PAPER Interface States in Si-Si02 Interfaces

A. Goetzberger

Influence of Surface States on the Performance of Three-Phase Charge-Coupled Devices

D.R. Lamb, M.P. Singh, S.D. Brotherton, P.C.T. Roberts

The Effects .of Bulk Traps on the Performance of Bulk Charinel Charge. Coupled Devices

A.M. Mohsen, M.F. Tompsett

SESSION 2 - Technology


M.F. Tompsett

Performance Limitations of Charge Coupled Devices

D.J. Burt

Charge-Coupled Structures with Self-Aligned Sub-Micron Gaps

J.D.E. Beynon, R.A. Haken, I.M. Baker

Buried Channel CCDs with Sub-Micron Electrode Spacings

V.A. Browne, K.D. Perkins

PCCD Technology and Performance

M.J.J. Theunissen, L.J.M. Esser

A Tradeoff Analysis of Transfer Speed Versus Charge-Handling Capacity for CCDs

D.F. Barbe, N.S. Saks

Radiation Hardness of Aluminium Gate CCDs

E.W. Williams, J.R. Bosnell, D.J. Windle, D. Machin, A. Hitchcock, J.L. Wankling

SESSION 3 Applications: Imaging and Memories

REVIEW PAPER The Impact of Large CCD Image Sensing Area Arrays

G.F. Amelio

A Large Area CCD Imager For TV Applications

R.L. Rodgers Ill, K.H. Zaininger

Low Light Level Performance of a Charge-Coupled Area Imaging Device

R.H. Dyck, M.D. Jack

Back Surface Imaging of Thinned CCD

P.A. Gray, H. Cottman

Tradeoffs Between Aliasing and MTF

S.B. Campana, D.F. Barbe

The Application of Charge-Coupled Devices to Document Scanning

T. Simms

Charge-Coupled Devices for Memory Applications: A Review

K. H. Zaininger

SESSION 4 - Applications: Signal Processing

REVIEW PAPER Signal Processing Applications of Charge-Coupled Devices

D.D. Buss, W.H. Bailey, A.F. Tasch Jr.

Signal Processing Image Sensor Using Charge-Coupled Devices

I. Lagnado, H.J. Whitehouse

MTI Filtering for Radar with Charge Transfer Devices

J.E. Bounden, R. Eames, J.B.G. Roberts

Video Integration with CCD Delay Lines

J.B.G. Roberts, M. Chesswas

Transversal Filtering Using Charge-Coupled Devices

D.J. MacLennan, J. Mavor, G. Vanstone, D.J. Windle

Two Classes of Charge Transfer Devices for Signal Processing

R.D. Baertsch, W.E. Engeler, H.S. Goldberg, C.M. Puckette, J.J. Tiemann

The Use of Charge-Coupled Devices for Single-Sideband Modulation

A. Chowaniec, G.S. Hobson

SESSION 5 - Future Developments

REVIEW PAPER Future Developments in Charge-Coupled Devices

G.F. Vanstone

Application of Charge-Coupled Devices to Infrared Detection and Imaging

A.J. Steckl, R.D. Nelson, B. T. French, D. Schecter

A CCD on Gallium Arsenide

A.J. Hughes, W. Eccleston, R.A. Stuart

Non-Volatile Memory with MNOS Capacitors

K. Knauer, K. Goser

The Use of Plasmas in CCD Processing

D.V. McCaughan