Marvin White Collection


1978 International Conference on Application of CCDs (US Navy NOSC)

1977 Short Course on Charge Transfer Devices (Organized by M.H. White)

1976 Conference on CCD Technology and Applications (NASA/JPL)

1975 International Conference on Application of CCDs (US Navy NELC)


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I am pleased that can archive these historical documents on our website as a service to the image sensor community.  I would like to thank Prof. Marvin White, inventor of correlated-double-sampling (CDS) for image sensors, among other contributions, for providing the originals of these documents, and permission to publish the contents of his 1977 Short Course at American University. 


On a personal note, I still find the early signal processing work reported in these proceedings to be stimulating and inspiring, despite the passage of many years and the practical superiority of digital techniques.  Reading of these now-historical papers reminds us how little has changed in the goals of solid-state image sensors, and how much we continue to stand on the shoulders of these giants.


-E.R. Fossum, President, ImageSensors Inc.  March 2011


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