Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Charge-Coupled Devices

University of Edinburgh, 1979



Table of Contents




Invited paper on IRCCD, "Infra-Red CCD Developments: Devices and


B. R. Holeman (RSRE,Malvern, UK).

"Infrared Focal Plane Arrays for Planetary Space Missions: A Prospectus"

J. B. Wellman (Californian Institute of Technology, USA).

'Near IR-AC Coupled CCD Detector Array"

G. Domingo, M.D. Jack, J. Y. M. Lee (Hughes Aircraft, USA),

V. T. Bly (US Army Night Vision & Electro-Optical Laboratories, USA).



"Multiplexed High-Pass Filters for Infrared Signal Processing"

M. K. Quick, D.J. Maclennan (GEC, USA).

"Mosaic CCD Multiplexer for Pyroelectric Hybrid Focal Plane"

S.lwasa, D. Lamb & D. Paffel (Honeywell, USA).

"CCD Detectors for Astronomy"

B. Campbell (Canada Franch Hawaii Telescope Co.), A. Condal,

G. Fahlman,P. Hickson,G. Walker (Geophysics and Astronomy

Dept., U.B.C.),A. Lakshmi, R. Nicholls, H. Pritchard (Centre for

Research, York University, Canada), C.Pritchet ( DAO,Canada).

"Low Light Level CCD-TV"

L. V. Caldwell,J.J. Boyle, A. J. Kennedy,W. Tardiff & S. Tomarchio

(US Army Night Vision and Electro-optics Laboratory, USA) .

"Microchannel Plate Wafer Image Tube Intensified Charge-Injection

Device Cameras"

C. B. Johnson, T. F. Lynch & J. J. Cuny (ITT, USA) .




Invited paper "Advances in CCD Imagers"

Y. Daiman-Hagiwara (Sony Corp.,Japan) .

"Colour-cameras Employing Two CCD/CID Imagers"

U. Reimers (University of Braunschweig, Germany).

"Television Scanning of Colour Film"

I. Childs (BBC Research Department, UK)

"Optical Smear in a Resistive Gate Sensor"

T. J. Hazendonk & A. J. Klinkhamer

(Philips Research Laboratories, The Netherlands).



"100 x 100 CID Imager with Integrated Fixed Pattern Noise Suppression"

R. Koch & Heiner Herbst (Siemens, AG,Germany).

"A Helmet Mounted Sight System"

M.D. Stephenson & K. D. Fosberry (Marconi Avionics Ltd., UK).

"Applications of CCDs as Electron Detectors in Electron Microscopy"

P. T. E. Roberts, A. M. Macleod & J. N. Chapman

(University of Glasgow, UK).



"Enhanced Optical Waveguide Focal Plane Resolution Utilizing a

Channel Waveguide Fan-Out Array Coupled to an Integrated CCD"

J. T. Boyd,D. A. Ramey & C. L. Fan (University of Cincinnati, USA).

"A One-Inch High Resolution Buttable Time Delay and Integrate

Imaging BCCD"

D. A. Smith, J. J. White,W. C. Bradley (Bell-Northern Research

Ltd., Canada).




Invited paper on "Charge Transfer Devices for Bandwidth Compression"

R. D. Baertsch, W. E. Engeler, J. L. Hughes and J. J. Tiemann

(General Electric, USA).

"A CCD Video Integrator"

C.J. Oliver, J. R. Hill, A. H. James, D. V. McCaughan & R. Edwards

( RSR E Malvern, UK).

"CCD Non-Linearities in MTI Receivers"

T. Bucciarelli (University of Perugia,Italy), S. Cacopardi &

G. Picardi (University of Rome,Italy).

"Performance Characteristics of a CCD Analog Memory/Signal


C. Carrison & N. A. Foss (Honeywell Inc., USA).

Invited Paper "Design of Complex CCD/MOS Integrated Circuits"

C. R. Hewes, R . C. Pettengill, P. W. Bosshart, R . K. Hester, D. J. Mayer,

T. K. Hui (Texas Instruments, USA).



"Fully-Integrated Charge-Coupled PCM Line Filters"

W. J. Keutgens, R. R. Simons, G. J. Declerck

(University of Leuven, Belgium) & E. J. Janssens

(Bell Telephones, Belgium).

"CCD Filter for the PCM Codec"

K. Knauer (Siemens AG, Germany).

"Design of Minimum Phase Charge-Transfer Transversal Filter"

M. Feldman, J. Henaff & J. C. Rebourg (CNET, France).

"CCD Acoustic Signal Processor"

E. J. Lind & I. Lagnado (NOSC,San Diego, USA).

"A CCD Phase Cancellation System for Single-Sideband Modulation"

J . W. Pathuis, Hans Wallinga (Twente University of Technology,

The Netherlands) & B. Ricco (University of Bologna, Italy).





Invited paper "Programmable Transversal Filters: Design Tradeoffs"

G. P. Weckler,M.D. Walby (EG & G Reticon, USA).

"Digitally Controlled and Electrically Programmable CCD Transversal

Filter LSI"

T. Sakaue, T. Iida, F. Tanaka, C. Satoh & Y. Suzuki (Toshiba Corp., Japan).

"A High Speed CCD Digitally Programmable Transversal Filter"

A. M. Chiang, B. E. Burke, D. L. Smythe, D.J. Silversmith &

R. W. Mountain (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA).

"A Fast 32 Point Analogue Correlator"

J. C. White, J. M.-Keen, M. F. Hamer, D. V. McCaughan & J. R. Hill

(RSRE Malvern, UK).


"Design and Application of a Cascadable Binary Weighted Analogue

Correlator" W. D. Pritchard & J. N. Gooding

(Piessey Caswell Ltd., UK).

"A 512-Stage Analog-Binary Programmable Transversal Filter"

J. R. Tower, D. A. Gandolfo, L. D. Elliot & B. M. McCarthy

(RCA Advanced Technology Laboratories, USA), F. D. Shallcross

(RCA Laboratories, USA) & S.C. Munroe (MIT Lincoln Laboratory, USA).



"256-Point Programmable Transversal Filter"

P. B. Denyer (Wolfson Microelectronics Institute,University of Edinburgh)

& J. Mavor (Dept.of Electrical Engineering, University of Edinburgh).

"The Electrically Programmable Splitted-Electrode CCD Transversal

Filter ( EPSE F)" M. J. M. Pelgrom, H. Wallinga & J. Holleman

(Twente University of Technology, The Netherlands).


"Adaptive Filtering in CCD and MOS Technologies"

S. Sunter, A. Chowaniec & T. Little (Bell Northern Research,


Invited paper "Performance Tradeoffs between CCD & Switched

Capacitor Filters"

R. W. Broderson and T. C.Choi (University of California,USA).




Invited paper "Advances in High Speed CCDs"

B. T. French (Rockwell, USA).

"High Speed CCD Signal Processing-A Technology Development"

R. L. Angle (RCA, USA).

"259 Gate GaAs CCD Shift Register for High Speed Applications"

I. Deyhimy,J. S. Harris,Jr., R . C. Eden & R. J. Anderson (Rock-

well, USA).

"An AII-Implanted CCD/CMOS Process"

DeWitt Ong (Motorola, USA).




"Design of a 256 KBit CCD Chip"

E. Doering (Siemens AG, Research Laboratories,Germany).

E. Gottler, 0. Grunter & J. Witte (Siemens, AG, Data Processing


"A Model for Life Testing Buried Channel CCD Memories"

K. Venkateswaran (Fairchild Semiconductor,San Jose, USA).

"The Application of CCDs in Multiple Valued Logic"

H. G. Kerkhoff & H. Dijkstra (Twente University of Technology,

The Netherlands).


"A Circulating Multilevel Charge Transfer Device Memory

with Adaptive Refresher"

A. H. M. van Roermund & P.M. C. Coppelmans (Philips Research

Laboratories, The Netherlands).




"The Switched Capacitor Filter is Revolutionising Low Frequency


G. P. Weckler (EG & G Reticon, USA), & A. Buser

(EG & G Reticon, Switzerland), A. M. Davis

(Dept. of Electrical Engineering, San Jose State University, USA).

"A Voiceband Hybrid CCD-Active Filter for Telecommunication


R. Benoit-Gonin, J. L. Berger,J. E. Picquendar, A. Vidal (Thomson

CSF, France).

"A CCD Bandwidth Compressor for Airborne Radar Applications"

J. C. White,J. G. Harp,J. R . Hill,D. V. McCaughan,J. M. Keen,

RSRE, Malvern UK).

"CCD Based Analogue Adaptive Processing"

C. F. N. Cowan, J. MC!vor (Dept. of Electrical Engineering,

University of Edinburgh), J. W. Arthur & P. B. Denyer

(Wolfson Microelectronics Institute, University of Edinburgh, UK).

"50 MHz Time Delay and Integration CCD"

C. F. Walmsley (Wolfson Microelectronics Institute, University of

Edinburgh, UK), J. N. Gooding (Piessey Co. Ltd., UK).

"A Novel CCD for Fast Time Delay Within-Pulse Sector Scanning


L. H. Ong, P. N. Denbigh (University of Birmingham, UK), J. G. Harp,

J. M. Keen & T. Janes (RSRE, UK).

"Charge-Coupled Device Image Processors for Electro-Optical Position


R. W. Armstrong (Californian Institute of Technology, USA) &

E. S. McVey (University of Virginia, USA) .

"Charge-Coupled Devices for Speech Transform Coding"

K. K. Patel (Chelsea College, University of London,UK),

A. P. H. McCabe,D. J. Burt (GEC, UK) & K . V. Lever

(Brunei University).

"A CCD Adaptive Filter with Coefficient Compensation of Charge

Transfer Loss"

G. D. Cain (Polytechnic of Central London,UK), V. Cappellini,

E. Del Re,G. Fanfani, L. Fini (University of Florence,Italy).



"Compact Helium Speech Unscrambler Using Charge Transfer Devices"

M.A. Jack, A. D. Milne (Wolfson Microelectronics Institute,

University of Edinburgh, UK) & L. E. Virr (Portsmouth, UK).

"Analysis of the Multiplication and Linear Integration

Input Techniques to a CCD" J. R . Hill, J. C. White, B. C. Merrifield,

D. V. McCaughan (RSRE Malvern, UK).

"Surface Potential Sensing Output Stage for CCDs"

M. Feil, M. Mauthe & H. J. Pfleiderer (Siemens AG, Germany).

"Har:monic Distortion in Split-Electrode CCD Transversal Filters"

J. L. Pennock& 0-:-R. tamb (University of Southampton, UK)


"An Accurate Time-Domain Technique for Direct Measurements of the

Effective Tap Weights in CCD Filters"

S. Cova, A. Longoni (Milan Polytechnic,Milan,Italy), C. Morandi

(University of Bologna, Italy) & F. Rossi (Montedison, Novara, Italy).

"Charge-Coupled Device Characteristics in Presence of Backward Flow"

A. B. Bhattacharyya,S. C. Dutta Roy & L. Shankarnarayan

(Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India).

"Investigations about the Edge Effects' in SCCDs"

H. Klar, M. Mauthe & H. R. Deppe (Siemens AG,Germany).

"Computer Simulation of Charge-Coupled Devices"

A.   Cwik, G. S. Hobson, J. E. Sitch,C. R. Brewitt-Taylor & P. N. Robson

B.   (University of Sheffield, UK).

"Developments in CCD Modelling and Simulation Techniques"

R. Michaelson, J. Mavor (University of Edinburgh, UK), G. Russell

(Wolfson Microelectronics Institute, University of Edinburgh, UK)

& J. Searle (Dept.of Applied Maths, University of Edinburgh, UK).

"Control of Threshold Non- Uniformities in Charge-Coupled Devices"

N. A. Foss, W. Larson, C. Carrison (Honeywell Inc., Minnesota,


"Low-Loss CCD Concept"

W. F. Kosonocky & D. J. Sauer (RCA Laboratories, USA).