Dick Bredthauer Collection


1973 CCD Applications Conf., San Diego, CA, USA

1974 Technology and Applications of CCDs, Edinburgh, Scotland

1976 Technology and Applications of CCDs, Edinburgh, Scotland


Comments from ImageSensors.org


I am pleased that ImageSensors.org can archive these historical documents on our website as a service to the image sensor community.These documents come from Dr. Richard Bredthauer.


Dick Bredthauer is a long term specialist in the fabrication of aerospace-grade CCDs for defense and scientific applications and probably one of the few people in the US that still knows how to make large area CCDs with good yield.He has helped people around the globe with CCD issues.He continues his work at his own company, Semiconductor Technology Associates.


On a personal note, when I was an Assistant Professor at Columbia in New York, Dick, then with Ford Aeronutronics in Newport Beach, California, generously offered to run a mask set and make CCDs for my students at Columbia.Several Ph.D.ís owe their experimental devices to Dick, including Sabrina Kemeny (later of JPL and co-founder of Photobit), and Sayed Eid (later of AT&T Bell Labs and Alexandria University, Photobit and Forza Silicon).I also add my thanks for fabricating my own experiments on wire transfer and CCD ADC/DAC on the same mask set.


-E.R. Fossum, President, ImageSensors Inc.May 2011


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