Comments on the

1993 IEEE Workshop on CCDs


Advanced Image Sensors


I want to express my thanks to Dr. Savvas Chamberlain who worked with me in organizing this workshop.  The first workshop I organized was in 1986 and the second in 1990.  Both workshops had an all-invited-speaker program.  In 1991 Savvas organized a workshop that was a tutorial-oriented workshop and held at Waterloo Canada.  For the 1993 workshop, we decided to be more like a conference and made several changes, most the result of suggestions by Savvas.  These included forming a standing organizing committee (Savvas, myself, Albert Theuwissen for Europe, and Nobukazu Teranishi for Asia) and technical program committee to solicit outstanding papers.  At this workshop we also decided to hold the meeting bi-annually and we decided to publish an extended “program” for the meeting that consisted of a few pages of material from the author.  Some gave us viewgraphs, some gave a paper, some recycled papers and viewgraphs from other conferences, and some did not supply any material.  Thus, the nature of the collected papers is a bit more varied than what appears in later meetings.


At this time we have no photos from this meeting but please contact Fossum at ImageSensors dot Org if you have pictures from this meeting suitable for the website.


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Eric R. Fossum

February 1, 2008